Vanessa Flood

Having a doula on your team not only means your physical comfort will be enhanced but your emotional well being is always in the forefront. “How will they remember this?” is the bedrock of doula support. At the end of the day my hope for families is that they can look at each other and say “That was a great day!” All baby days should be great days! Even if worlds get flipped upside down; you should still be able to say, “That was a great day! Obviously we would have rather avoided that and that and oh yeah that; but we are proud of the decisions we made at each turn in the road because we understood why that was happening and what all our options were.” I never want you to feel like you were steamrolled through the process. Having an objective set up eyes to help you gather information, ask the right questions is invaluable.

This is how I approach my doula work. This is how I train other doulas. And always happy to visit with you about your upcoming birth!

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