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Hey there!! I am Rebekah ,VP of DGKC , and a birth doula & photographer at …

Inspiring Ideas, Empowering Strength, and Encouraging the Birth YOU desire!

Birth is unpredictable and doesn’t follow a “plan” but I can help you be prepared for all the potential twists and turns that you may face. Something I often say is…”Bring an umbrella so it doesn’t rain, but if it does we’ll be ready!”

Bring an umbrella so it doesn't rain!

I am a “Big Bag Doula”. I can be very creative when needed, but I prefer to have great effective tools at my finger tips, so I bring a bag full of tools to the births I attend. Sometimes they all get used, sometimes only a few, and occasionally none of them, but I always have them if needed.

Beyond all of the tools in my bag, my two most important ones are a part of me; my voice and hands. Power of encouragement is often underestimated. Someone reminding you constantly how strong you are, that you are capable, and that everything is okay, as well as encouraging your support person to help them stay calm and present with you, giving suggestions and direction, and giving you information on options when faced with decisions all can go a long way to to help you feel empowered and calm. My other main tool are my hands for a soft reassuring touch to help you stay grounded and relaxed, massage to help with tight muscles, and counter pressure to help ease discomfort. I’can even your braid hair to help it stay out of your face or off your neck. These are only a few examples of how I serve my clients. The options are endless….

Even though the actual “labor/birth” support is the biggest part of my job, the support starts as soon as I’m hired. You’ll get access to an online portal full of information and resources, email and phone support, and a prenatal visit to go over all your desires, fears, and comfort measures. Also, you can rest assured you will be well taken care of even if I have an emergency. I am a part of an amazing group who back each other up. The KC Doula Connective is 5 doulas who have their own business but are very like minded and support each other as back ups, emotional support, and can even message with while at a birth if we need suggestions.

Along with full doula support, I offer professional birth photography. A chance to have your birth documented with beautiful pictures without adding extra people to the space. And since I’m already on call as your doula, I can offer it at a discounted cost.

I have been an professional doula for over 4 years and enjoyed helping friends along with having my own before that. I initially became certified through CAPPA and continue to do extra education. Some of the other education I have, or am currently working on, is; Your Birth Experience(YBE Equip), Advanced Doula Training, Rebozo Training, Essential Oils Safety, Acupressure for Birth, Still Birth Day doula training, and looking forward to a Spinning Babies training coming up!

When I’m not with a client or learning more about birth and support, I’m with my family! I’m married to my wonderful husband of 16+ years and we have 6 children. Our first 4 are our genetic children and then we adopted 2 more. We adopted our daughter locally and I was able to attend her birth and support her birth mother. I also induced lactation so that I could nurse her. When we decided to adopt again, we adopted 6 Filipino embryos. Through the FET (frozen embryo transfer) process, Joshua, was the only one to make it to live birth and he is amazing. Every experience we had growing our family was unique and special and wouldn’t have it any other way! As a family, we enjoy being out doors, doing movie marathons, hosting friends, and attending church.

If you would like to know more about me or my services I would love to chat with you! I do free consults at a local coffee shop or via video chat, whichever you prefer. You can contact me through my website:


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