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Hello, lovelies! My name is Nova Surgeon. Among many things, I am a blessed wife of 36 years, mother of four incredible adults, and one baby in heaven, grandmother of 4 (and ½!), a homeschool teacher, musician, vocalist, worship leader, licensed minister, cake artist, monitrice doula, midwife…..A Woman.

I have learned that I can do many things… However, who I really am is wrapped up in my womanhood and my faith. I was created to nurture, to bring forth life, to love, and to embrace the life around me.

As I brought forth my four children, I experienced unique situations with each pregnancy and birth, enduring complications, disappointments, victories and ecstasies!  Each experience is a treasure, for they made me who I am. They taught me the depth and breadth of womanhood: the ability to be a warrior with immeasurable strength, willpower and endurance and drew me to the extremes of compassion, tenderness, and the vulnerability of loving someone else more than my life, itself. My first pregnancy ended in tragic loss, leaving us with one beloved child in paradise. My second and third pregnancies were filled with medical issues, bedrest, very difficult and extremely long labors, premature births, and two beautiful children that became my joy. With the applied wisdom of a skilled lay midwife, my fourth and fifth pregnancies were healthy and lively, each resulting in chubby full term babies gently born at home, one delivered underwater!

After my first home birth, my heart was called to midwifery. My passion exploded to bless the women around me with positive, thrilling, healthy birth stories! I apprenticed as a lay midwife and began attending at births shortly after my first home birth. And to this day, my heart overflows with dedication to serve in birthing services, not as a job, not for a title, not for a paycheck, but for a high calling, a ministry, and the joy of loving and nurturing others.

I see pregnancy, birth, and the growth of a family as one of the most beautiful things about life. As a Monitrice Doula-Lay Midwife, I am privileged to help women and their partners make their birth experiences as positive and healthy as possible, no matter the location or the circumstances. I am honored to have apprenticed as a lay midwife and have served in many specialties as a birthing professional for over 26 years, including birthing education, health, nutrition and supplement suggestions, pain management, lactation counseling, and parent mentorship.

I am able to incorporate a wide variety of skills during pregnancy and labor, and I specialize in pain management using tools such as prenatal massage, essential oils, acupressure, electronic acupuncture, effleurage, belly dancing, baby positioning, massage therapy, aromatherapy, prayer, and much more.  It is always my goal to empower the birthing team with the tools they need to be as involved as possible to enable comfort, peace and strength to laboring mothers.

It is always exciting to me when another scientific paper proves the positive impact a doula can have on the mother and family. And it thrills my soul to be able to guide a fearful mother to escape her trepidations and anxieties, and embrace tranquility and inner strength. I believe that every expectant woman should have a compassionate mentor and skilled, attentive attendant dedicated to enabling her desired birth plan, or in assisting her acceptance into necessary alternatives with evidence-based informed consent.

I am an Advanced Trained Doula, a monitrice, lay midwife. Monitrice work is very similar to a doula’s, with a broader range of support options. It means that I have basic midwifery skills along with doula skills wrapped up in one package. I still provide labor support, still provide guidance and reassurance during birth, I still use all the labor support tools of a doula….but it is a bit more.

 I am trained to provide clinical skills as desired, including fetal heart tones, blood pressure checks, glucose monitoring, and vaginal exams for dilation, effacement and station. These skills can offer advantages, such as of peace of mind in knowing how quickly dilation is progressing, and knowing when to move to your place of birth.

As a monitrice doula, I do not deliver babies. But as a midwife, I am capable, and when functioning explicitly in that role, I have had the honor of assisting in deliveries, including the births of all four of my beautiful granddaughters, even catching the last one underwater!

Every birth is miraculous and unique. Whether it takes place at the hospital, birthing center or at home, each is beautiful and deserving of celebration. No matter how you birth your baby, everyone can benefit from having a doula present through labor, birth and bonding! I am thrilled to offer experienced, educated, tender care to women and families in homes, hospitals or birthing centers across the Greater Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas, occasionally extending services as far as Wichita, St. Louis, St.Joseph and Nevada.

As the heart behind SpiritLed ChildBirth Ministries, I would be very pleased to share more about my services and I gladly offer free consultations. Please, contact me to learn how I can be of service in bringing your precious baby into this exciting new world.

Facilitating Wellness….
Healthy pregnancies, peaceful deliveries, successful breastfeeding, as well as, physical, spiritual and emotional support, through Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Acupressure, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Deep Relaxation, Education, Essential Oils, Spiritual Counseling and Prayer.

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