Monica Drake

Hello! I’m Monica Drake, married to my husband Ryan of 13 years (together since high school, 18 years! Ah!!). Mom to Ethan (9), Emma (7), and Collin (3). I’m currently part stay at home mom and part Birth Doula, lead the Knowing Moms group at College Church, and am a book worm and podcast enthusiast. I love to bake, but gluten free; gluten is NOT my friend unfortunately. I’d love to garden well, but I kill plants. Really, I need a plant doula.

I trained as a birth doula through DONA in 2017 and most recently completed training through StillBirthDay as a birth and bereavement doula. Both trainings offered complimentary components that have given an incredible foundation for my work. It was assisting at one of my best friend’s births where I first witnessed the incredible energy and experience that doulas bring to the birth space. To witness doula supported partners working together so intimately and confidently to bring their baby earthside was shattering to my image of birth. I say shattering because it took that birth to open my eyes to all of the possibilities that our bodies and relationships are capable of. Putting the pieces together has come through completed trainings, future trainings (looking at you, Spinning Babies, this November!), reading, mentorships, relationships and sharing experience with the phenomenal community of doulas in Kansas City. To me, learning is never finished!

Community is my lifeline; my family, my backup doulas, my faith community. And I know that community and connection is key for families too. One of my favorite things about doula work is connecting with my clients! I want to have relationship with my clients in which they feel 100% confident in being vulnerable and receiving my support. Knowing that they have a trusted birth professional on their side throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum is irreplaceable. I’ve been there having had an amazing doula myself, the difference she made in my birth preparation and experience was invaluable. And it’s my goal to always serve my clients in this way.

My philosophy of birth has evolved since I was pregnant with my first and I’ve been incredibly lucky to have supported my clients through a variety of birth experiences. I had my births and you are the author of yours. My job is to support you through each step of your pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. We plan for birth, we prepare and we dig deep. Yet often birth brings it’s own plan; babies have way more to do with birth than we them give credit for. Having your doula there to help you navigate these uncharted waters can make the process much smoother and less scary.

Birth is beautiful, birth is unpredictable, but your doula is your constant place to come back to. I can’t tell you the number of partners that I have looked into their eyes while Mom is laboring so hard and given them a big smile and a head nod to let them know that things are going perfectly. That reassurance is so needed! To remind Mom that she can lean everything into her partner, let go and surrender, that I’ve got both their backs. Sometimes you just need that nudge to dive in. That’s what your doula does.

Part of the joy of this work for me is bringing birthing partners together in a totally new way. Helping partners to feel confident in their abilities to support Mom is vital! I’ve been so blessed to support, witness, and hold space for families to transform through birth. Each family leaves me both so proud and so humble. Proud of them for making the best choices they can for their family and humbled to have been part of their birth team. I cannot wait to continue this passion career for many many years to come!

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