Madison Daugherty

Hi all! My name is Madison Daugherty (soon-to-be-Glynn!) and I am the face behind Birth Sherpa Doula Services.

I found birth while practicing as a yoga teacher looking to expand a helping hand towards expecting mothers. After much research and being the ears to euphoric birth stories, I fell in love with the idea of doula work.

A month after completing my doula training with Sally Riley I attended my first birth. I was in awe of the power that comes from a mother as she hits her wall and can still break it down to birth her baby. That awe has never gone away for me. Knowing your preferences is a BIG part of understanding how I can best serve you uniquely. At our prenatals I take lots of time listening to how you want to feel during your birth. Every person is different and every birth is different, so we come up with different options for all scenarios. However, I always remind my clients that once the birthing time comes I will be acting as their left side brain. Think of me as an informational toolbox when options and interventions are if/when presented. This means during birth I want mothers to sink into their right side brain of letting go and surrendering to the process.

It’s an honor coming into your birthing environment and getting a feel for what could help enhance the atmosphere into a sacred space. Soft lighting, birthing music, massage or acupressure, prayer or words of encouragement are things that I check in with as I join you. If partner desires to be involved in specific ways, then I help guide them into each place that they are unsure how to approach.

Some additional courses I have taken include an Advanced Doula Training, and I have attended Kansas Cities Hypnobabies childbirth course. In Fall 2019 I will complete the spinning babies course and can’t wait to learn more about different techniques to help the families I work with!

When I’m not at a birth I mostly enjoy spending time with my little family. My Fiancé and I have two German Shepards that keep us on top of cleaning up inside and spending time outside. We love to hike, camp and snuggle as a family. I also teach a Mindful Movement Yoga Class at our local gym in Odessa, MO. My most recent yoga training was all about Yin and Fascial Health. Since I enjoy moving and being creative, I do lots of art and crafts; most of my macrame work is sold at the Stormy Acres Trading Co.

If you would like to know more about my services being offered, I invite you to check out my website!

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