Doula of the Month – Rebekah Hoover

I’m honored to be Doulas of Greater Kansas City’s doula of the month for October!!

It’s my birthday month 🎂 and I love being apart of DGKC and serving as one of the officers and maintaining the website.


I have been officially a doula for 3 1/2 years but have been interested in childbirth my whole life and enjoyed helping several friends before becoming aware what a doula was. When I did, I immediately knew that was what I was meant to do, found a local training, and became certified! We are blessed that my husband has a job that provides for our family and that I get to do a job that is my passion! 

We have 6 children (here on earth) and 5 (in heaven). We have added to our family biologically as well as through adoption. Both traditional and embryo adoption. Through those journeys, I gained a lot of experience of various forms. I’ve personally had medicated and unmedicated vaginal births. I induced lactation to be able to nurse our adopted daughter. And through embryo adoption I had to give myself hormone injections and go through an FET (twice) and then ended up having a placenta abruption at 35 weeks which resulted in an emergency csection and nicu time for our son. 

Along with my personal experiences and every birth I’ve attended since then as a doula, I’ve come away with more knowledge and understanding! Beyond the births I attend, I seek to continually learn through reading, talking to other birth professionals, and taking other birth related courses. I personally believe that birth is a natural occurring event that sometimes needs medical intervention versus it being a medical event that can sometimes go naturally. However, as a doula my job is not to make your birth look like I think it should, but to learn about who you are, what your desires are for your birth and help you achieve them! I want you to feel supported, empowered, and informed through your entire pregnancy and birth journey! 

As a bonus, I also offer birth photography as an added package. I started learning photography when we moved to the KC area away from family 12 years ago and learned I had a knack for it. I didn’t have the desire to build that as a business by itself, however, that talent marries well with being a doula! You can have the full support of a doula and have your birth captured by the same person which saves you money and keeps the birth space more intimate. 

If you are interested in meeting with me to see if I’d be a good fit for you, I would love to chat and set up a free consultation! Best way to contact me is via my website contact page @ or Facebook @

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