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Janine Heincker


Hi! I'm Juh-neen (it's French Fancy). I've been serving expectant families since 2008 and I'm ready to serve you in your AMAZING pregnancy and birth journey! Although, I've been trained by various organizations, I've found my birth support & education home as a Certified Doula & Instructor with WWW.BIRTHBOOTCAMP.COM
After two losses and two "less than" births, I finally had THE birth that I affectionately call the BIRTH I WANT TO REMEMBER! It was an unbelievable family birth of JOY at home in Wichita, KS and that's what cemented my belief that a life you want to remember begins with a birth you want to remember.

I offer support and education from womb to tomb. I'm trained with www.stillbirthday.com as I strive to provide the support I didn't have during my loss experiences. I believe that education is power- we fear what we don't understand- so let's change that fear into fuel for the amazing journey ahead. My Doula services include a class. Classes can be tailored to your needs or you're welcome to sign up for my current small group classes in Topeka and Lawrence, Kansas.

When I’m not demonstrating how to eat-think-move well in pregnancy and birth or helping families meet their little one in their birth place of choice. I can be found discovering life with my handyman husband and my five little home-learners. We recently welcomed our sixth baby after a short & sweet supernatural birth at home. I love storytelling from behind my camera lens. Follow me on IG @abirth2remember to join the story.
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