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Chelsie Duckworth

Full Spectrum Doula

Hello! I'm Chelsie Duckworth and I provide full spectrum doula support in the greater Kansas City area. I am a mom of two: a sweet little boy (4) and a strong little girl (2) who keep me very entertained. I have always had a passion for women's rights and reproductive health and that interest led to me to a B.A. in Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies in 2012. My journey into the Doula world has felt like the perfect next step in living out my passion of helping women and families. to me, it is a wonderful continuation of reproductive justice. I have seen the power, determination, and potential of women shine when they have the right support. I have also seen their lives diminished and their voices stifled by limited choices, lack of support, and self-doubt. I believe that informed childbirth is just another key part of their reproductive journey and I am committed to providing evidence-based, mother-friendly birth services. It is my job to hold space for clients, to bring them knowledge, support their choices, and empower them in their own unique path to building a family. Everyone deserves a safe, healthy, satisfying birth experience! When I don't have my hands full with hip squeezes or baby hugs, I am usually chasing my babies around the park, having dance parties, baking, reading, spending way too much time on Pinterest, or watching Dora for the 2 millionth time.

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