Charity Vazquez

Hi, I am Charity, owner, birth doula, and photographer of Mahina Birth Support. As one of September’s featured doulas, I would love to share a bit about me with you. There is such a vast variety of doulas out there, that finding the right doula for you can be tricky. If you are new to the world of doulas, your idea of a doula may be of someone who wears uterus shirts, and gathers their crystals in a sacred vegan bag, and sprinkles essential oils on unsuspecting individuals to elevate their vibrations, all while helping birthing individuals to welcome their baby in a natural spring under a rainbow arch …… I mean I am pretty sure this is how most dads envision me before we meet. But alas, I am not that doula. I realize that I do have dreadlocks, and I may actually own a pair of socks with uteruses on them, but my “crunch” stops there. As a doula, my goal is to offer you emotional, physical and informational support throughout your pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. My doula style is one that honors the mind-body connection, from a scientific evidence-based point of view. When you are at a place where you feel safe and comforted, your body is much more likely to produce all of those “birthy” hormones you need to keep your labor progressing. Here is a post that I wrote that talks about The Mind-Body Connection and How it Affects your Birth if you would like to learn more about this. 

Many doulas have advanced skills in one or more area that helps shape the type of doula that they are. I have extensive experience supporting individuals who have been affected by trauma and as a result have experienced anxiety, depression, and/or PTSD. Every situation in life has the potential to be traumatic if you do not have a voice, a choice, or support. Birth is no different. I am very much a realist, so I recognize that birth work is a delicate balance of both beautiful and heavy work. It is much easier to prepare for a positive experience than it is to heal from a difficult one. So while I provide massage, targeted touch, guided breathing, supportive movement (Spinning Babies), a large portion of my work is in helping clients recognize and process the emotions of birth while sometimes simultaneously navigating anxiety and triggers.  

The majority of my clients are those who both trust modern medicine as well as believe in their bodies ability to birth their baby. They often prefer the safety net of giving birth in a hospital or birth center environment, and also want a more naturally intuitive and minimalistic approach to birth. My clients are a wonderfully diverse mix of individuals who trust sharing their birth space with me. I would say that they are equally balanced as either for or against the use of pharmaceutical pain management as well. My goal has never been to prove that a particular type of birth is best, but rather to support those who are experiencing birth. I offer non-judgmental support to the individuals and couples that I support. If you are interested in seeing if I am the perfect doula for your birth, a great place to start would be the Let’s Chat page of my website.

The most important aspect of choosing a doula for your birth is making sure you feel relaxed and comfortable with them. I make a great effort to be very open and authentic on my website. I am always happy to share more About Me and My Journey to Become a Birth Doula. If you would like to set up a consultation please head over to my website where we can Connect and set up an appointment!  

Charity Vazquez
Owner | Doula | Photographer
Mahina Birth Support

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